In his online phase, chef Nico Rosa decides to bring together his 03 favorite ingredients: KITCHEN, TEACHING and the SEA. And as a result the best of his dishes: On Board Cooking School.

The School is on board its sixth boat “Chef7Mares”, a Beneteau Cyclades 39.3 sailboat, today in the port of Cala D’Or, to the east of the island of Mallorca, a place with which the chef fell in love and where he currently lives. . But he can be anywhere because he is always online.

With a full kitchen on board, Chef Nico Rosa prepares and teaches his classes, the menus for the excursions on board, and the various events that the chef organizes.

Our mission is to provide quality online teaching and practice to all Chefs, Sous Chefs, aspiring Chefs, kitchen helpers, passionate and amateur cooks, in short, all cooking professionals or enthusiasts who want to enter the wonderful world of cooking on yachts.

Here you will learn all the techniques of classic and contemporary cuisine applied to Yachts and Mega Yachts, in a current, relaxed, totally practical environment and best of all, online, live, without having to travel or even without having to leaving home.


In a current, relaxed, 100% practical, online and live (streaming) way, Chef Nico Rosa from his sailboat teaches his classes and Your kitchen at the same time, with the Chef, from the Yacht where you work, his home, his kitchen , that is, any place where you can have a stove even if it is portable, a small oven, a tap with water and a drain.

The student will learn many techniques of classic and contemporary cooking, confectionery and baking, always applied to yachts and mega yachts. Through the online and live method (Streaming), students will be able to prepare, together with Chef Nico Rosa, live, step by step, all the recipes and productions of the courses.

After registering, the student will have at their disposal all the didactic material to download, handouts with the detailed content of each step-by-step lesson, techniques demonstration videos, complementary material and the complete videos of all the recorded lessons of their classes. and you can review them at any time, for life.

The student must in advance look at the classes that he will have in the handouts, in all our handouts at the end of each class there is a list of necessary equipment and a list of ingredients. The student must have the (mise en place) that is, all the ingredients ready to use, that is, peeled, chopped and etc… including the necessary equipment for the class, such as pots, glasses, pans, spatulas, colanders and etc… So you can follow the class cooking the dishes at the same time as the Chef from your own kitchen.


The online courses will be available from October 2022. The Nico Rosa On Board Cooking School and his team welcome you on board.